Dental Fillings

Dental Fillings

Service Description

A small cavity or other source of dental decay can grow to destroy an entire tooth if left untreated. Unlike our skin, teeth cannot heal naturally. Only professional dental care can correct your cavities and return your tooth to a state of optimal oral health.

A dental filling, made from white composite resin or porcelain, can fill a cleaned and prepared tooth cavity and reinforce your tooth’s structure. So, for those who may need a moderate dental restoration made to their tooth, we offer high-quality dental fillings.

Composites are a non-mercury type of restoration that we use in our office. They have become a conservative and reliable way to restore teeth. With an improved and sophisticated adhesive system, natural healthy tooth structure can be saved.

Composites minimize leakage of bacteria at the margin of the restoration, and also have a more natural appearance. Composites are not as hard as silver fillings (amalgams). They cannot take the place of crowns.

Porcelain inlays or fillings may be created in a lab and are usually more durable than a composite filling.

To place a filling, your dentist will first prepare your tooth by removing any decay and bacteria. Surface cavities do not usually require anesthesia, but our caring dentist and assisting team will make sure you remain comfortable during your treatment. After the tooth is prepared, your dentist will insert a small bit of tinted, liquid composite resin into the cleaned cavity and, once the material hardens, will sculpt and polish the filling.

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